Data sheet Collapsible aluminium tubes

Information Aluminium


Aluminium keeps its promises.
The collapsible aluminium tube is still an unbeatable packaging for many fillings.

The aluminium tube is…

Its excellent barrier properties protect the filling from light, moisture, gasses and germs.

Aluminium tubes are unbreakable, clean, lightweight and compact. Valuable materials are dosed sparingly and hygienically.

There are virtually no limits to shapes, colours and decorations. The tube makes your product an unmistakeable eye-catcher.

…the original.
Aluminium tubes can be secured with a wide range of tamper-evident seals: Membranes, sleeves, rings etc.

It is difficult to fake holograms, micro-colour codes, laser markings and RFIDs. All these can be incorporated into an aluminium tube.

…environmentally friendly.
Aluminium is completely and indefinitely recyclable without any loss in quality.